Defeat Trump & Build our Movements

The stakes of this election are huge. The outcome is uncertain, and we can’t afford to lose. What will you do to help defeat Trump?

With COVID-19 shifting so much of our organizing, we do not know whether our two-week Arizona trip will be possible or what our voter contact plans will look like next fall. We are busy working to understand the implications this crisis will have for the November election, connecting with partner organizations in swing states, and figuring out a plan for how we can be the most useful from California. But no matter what, this crisis shows us the urgency of defeating Trump and sowing the seeds of a better future for all of us. Sign up below to join us in the fight, and we will keep you updated as our plans develop. Click here to sign up for specific upcoming events. Read on below for more background on the project.

More details on the 2 week plan:

OUR PLAN: Over one hundred activists will travel from California to Arizona from October 10 – October 25, 2020. Working closely with local grassroots groups like LUCHA in Arizona that build power in their communities year-round, we’ll knock on tens of thousands of doors to help defeat Trump. This two week period is crucial early voting time.  This is when the majority of votes will be cast, and it can make or break the election. We will help coordinate travel, lodging and fundraising for the trip.

WHY 2 WEEKS: To make a real impact in 2020, we need to think big. We know from our partners that two weeks is the threshold for volunteers to get integrated into a local team, take on leadership and have meaningful conversations with voters. This is particularly important in a Republican-controlled state like Arizona where organizing and demographic changes over the past decade has shifted what is politically possible. We believe that bringing 100 volunteers to knock on thousands of doors together over 2 weeks can make a real difference. Signing up means committing to clearing your calendar and taking off work. We recognize that this is a serious commitment. It is what is urgently needed.

WHY WORK WITH GRASSROOTS GROUPS: We want to both defeat Trump and build our movements for the long-term. We will knock on doors with local groups rooted in working class communities of color. They have been organizing there for years, they know the best strategies to win, and they will still be there continuing to build political power after the election is over. In Arizona we are working with allies like LUCHA, which fought SB1070, took down Sheriff Arpaio, and is building the power of the Latinx communities in one of the most important battleground states. We can help them build off of a decade of struggle to flip Arizona, win a Senate seat and strengthen our movements.

WHY NOW: It will take time to prepare for this trip – from fundraising to travel logistics to coordinating with partner groups on the ground. Sign up now, start figuring out a plan to take the time off, and talk to your friends about joining you!

WHAT YOU ARE COMMITTING TO: By signing up you are committing to clearing your schedule to join us for 2 weeks in October 2020. You are also committing to helping fundraise for your trip (we will help you!), and to attending at least 1 prep meeting in Summer 2020 before we leave.

There are other ways to plug in as well: we’ll have weekend door-knocking trips to Nevada, phone and text banking opportunities, and lots of other roles you can play along the way to help make this project happen.


Questions? Send us an email.